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Set slippage to 10-12%
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How to buy
at 100 Million marketcap
SpookyShiba Battle Royale game where you can connect your wallet in our new P2E Game, previews in Mid January.
In our new game, you’ll be able to go anywhere and earn money from just playing and having fun!!!
If you're wondering where to buy hot crypto right now, you've come to the right place. Spooky Shiba is taking the crypto world by storm and is unlike any other coin out there currently. The first of its kind, Spooky Shiba is a horror genre token that takes being just another coin to a whole other level. Spooky Shiba has been featured on Yahoo Finance, BTC Manager, Crypto News, and to name a few and it's no wonder why.
Whether you've been into crypto for a while or are just starting out, Spooky Shiba is growing rapidly and is well worth buying into right now. With its unique approach to the crypto world and the creation of several games that will tie directly into the NFT marketplace, there is no reason not to buy Spooky Shiba right now.
Here are just some reasons why you should definitely invest in Spooky Shiba:
- Its market cap is growing rapidly
- Currently inexpensive to purchase
- One of the fastest-growing alt coin telegram groups of all time
- Multiple social media platforms to be able to keep up with the coin
- Can purchase all over the world
The Most Rewarding Stealth-Launched Shiba Token
Buy & Hold $SPOOKYSHIBA To Enjoy Spooky Big Gains
3% Marketing
4% liquidity
Spooky Shiba news isn't scarce these days and we're navigating through phases. Here's where we've been and where we're going:
phase one
Website Launch ✅
SpookyPaper (Whitepaper) ✅
Game Development✅
Social Media Growth✅
500 Telegram Members✅
Stealth Launch✅
phase two
International AMAs✅
First Level Of Game Ready✅
3000 Telegram ✅
Community Competitions✅
Post Launch Marketing ✅
PHase three
6000 Telegram Members✅
Scratchcard Game dApp✅
Dextools trending🔴
Twitter Influencers Campaign✅
Telegram Invitations Referral Program🔴
Coingecko + CoinMarketCap Listing✅
Investment Referral Program🔴
15 000 Telegram Members🔴
10 000 Holders✅
Launch Video Game🚀
NFT marketplace Launch🔴
New Levels Released🔴
CEX Listings✅
Gaming Companies Partnerships🔴
30 000 Telegram Members🔴
50,000 holders🔴
NFT Utility✅
Partnership with institutional crypto investors🔴
SpookyShiba presentation at massive crypto and gaming conventions🔴
Metaverse Integration🔴
Spooky Shiba can be purchased on both SpookySwap and Consbit so buy today! There is information being updated constantly on our website to ensure you can stay up to date with the latest and greatest news. Check out our Crypto YouTube channel for all things Spooky Shiba as well!
The Skeleton crew team
LOwgun paul
Doxxed, Honest & Transparent
Lowgun is an honest & outspoken man. He channels his unparalleled work ethic and extreme transparency on our Telegram! Join him in VC!
Raid Leader & head advisor to marketing
Jamie leads raids and helps shill the SpookyShiba Community, most people find us through a twitter post or a telegram mention. Jamie also leads contests daily where anyone can win some money for shilling SpookyShiba!
How Did Spooky Shiba Come To Be?
These are a few of the cool features that make up Spooky Shiba, the horror coin that's here to stay. With all these spooky surprises waiting for you around every corner, it might just give you a heart rate spike that will be worthwhile! The Spooky Shiba token has proven to be more than just a seasonal phenomenon. In fact, it gained it's grip in the BSC realm after its release in October of 2021. Some thought its value would plummet after October 31st, when Halloween came to an end, but quite the opposite happened. They don't say "Spooky Season Never Ends" for nothing! Make no mistake, people are taking notice of Spooky Shiba, including many crypto influencers.
Spooky Shiba's Release
The first week of this project's release was spent releasing a digital billboard ad in Times Square, NYC. The attention that it brought helped to make the token top ten on CoinMarketCap within less than one month after it was released Now there are Spooky Shiba ads popping up all over popular websites related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology--and the real spooky part is just getting started!

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Spooky Shiba cemented itself as a leader in the crypto world by partnering up with professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter Patrick Lehane. He was seen sporting the Spooky Shiba logo at events and is a Spooky holder as well.
What Sets Spooky Apart?
Not many companies can claim to be doing more than marketing and capitalizing on a genre, but Spooky Shiba has found a way. We are providing utility behind our name through an upcoming dApp NFT scratch card game that was just released, which connects with our NFT marketplace.

The dApp is a P2E (Play to Earn) technology that allows holders of at least $100 to play once every 24 hours with a chance to win an NFT from Spooky Shiba's NFT marketplace. Some people are always looking for an opportunity to win the big prize! By connecting your wallet, holders can try either one or three times every twenty-four hours. If they're lucky enough then winners will receive their NFTs and be able to enjoy all its features - including being traded on our new marketplace launch coming soon! Spooky Shiba may be the world's most undervalued crypto today, but not for long!

To top it all off, the holders of a Spooky Shiba NFT will enjoy an exclusive opportunity to earn commission on all transactions conducted within our marketplace, based upon how many and what type they own. The team is working hard on releasing an Ethereum Bridge soon, which will allow investors in both blockchains to profit from BNB token trading. With more projects like this coming down the pipeline it won't be long before we see them rise even higher and allow two to become one.

In addition, we have created the first holder evolution crypto video game, which also ties the holders into the game by allowing the holders to be the ones who decide the true destiny of the gaming experience. Does it get any easier than having fun and making money at the same time? Now you know why Spooky Shiba is a world first.
If you would like to donate to the devs, send to our wallet below! Thank you for your spooky support!
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